Nara 奈良

En Photography Nara 【Pre wedding in Nara】

Beautiful landscape provided by Nara prefecture
Capture the happiest moments in traditional scene with wild deer. We En Photography serve photo shooting at 4 prefectures Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Hyogo (Kobe city), and Nara is the 2nd most popular location of all. Mt.Wakakusa and Nara park are rare regions in Japan that you can see wild deer and Japaness traditional building with natural scenery. As our salo ...Read more
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Zerography Nara 【Pre wedding in Nara】

Seasonable landscape of Nara
Shall we take pre wedding with wild deer? Nara park is famous as the place that you can face wild deers anytime. Zerography Nara provide pre wedding packages in special landscape and unique scene. Cute yet friendly deers come over to photo angle and celebrate your special day. Vast Nara park provides various sceneries for both of Kimono and western outfits a ...Read more
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Photo Studio Watanabe 【Pre wedding in Nara】

Photo Studio Watanabe, established 80 years ago, will assist you for your special day. Nara prefecture is an excellent location where you will be able to experience the best of Japan. “Nara-cho” with its Japanese gardens creates an elegant atmosphere. You will enjoy the beautiful landscape of Nara from the peak of “Mt. Wakakusa.” Capture a moment with the wi ...Read more
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