Osaka 大阪

St. Bath Church 【Chapel, Ceremony, Pre wedding in Osaka】

Wedding chapel Osaka
Vivid colored stained glasses that you face at front of chapel had succeeded from Bath district in the western part of London in 18 century. The name of the chapel “Bath” originates from this region name. Highly valued historical stained glasses change vary its appearance depending on time and weather, and offer fantastic shine for the couple sta ...Read more
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Zerography Osaka 【Pre wedding in Osaka】

Memorial wedding in Osaka
We Zerography Osaka always focus to capture your feeling and happiness coming out from bottom of your heart. A moment you show your true smile, a moment you feel shy or a moment your happiness makes you forget about camera… We capture all these moments and make it unforgettable through our photos. No one can rewind their time. That’s why people w ...Read more
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En Photography Osaka 【Pre wedding in Osaka】

Pre wedding in Osaka
En photography cover Kansai area such as Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and even Kobe as their shooting locations and only accept 2-3 couples in a day to keep good service quality. We will take enough time to get your idea for shooting and suggest suitable package with good locations and authentic Kimono. Our salon is located in quite convenient area. So we can help you ...Read more
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