Local information of Tokyo

Let’s join Japanese Flea Market

People sometime want what we can’t find easily or no one have. Many Japanese young people like old stuffs such as used clothes, vintage car, dea...
Tokyo gourmet

Tokyo Alley

One of the largest city in the world “Tokyo”. There are many high commercial buildings, office towers, high-rise apartments, mega shopping...
Book and Bed Tokyo

Book and Bed Tokyo

7/F of a building which is 1 minutes away from Ikebukuro station, it existed in fact. It had been a big topic even before they opened in November 2015...
Cave in Shizuoka

“Ryugashido” Day trip to Summer and winter resort from Tokyo

  Since last weekend, we have update blogs of summer resorts that you can go and back in a day from Tokyo. On last two blogs we talked about R...
Let's go to summer resort

“Shima river” Day trip to Summer resort from Tokyo

  For those who are planning to trip to Tokyo in the hottest month in Japan August, We are introducing summer resorts that you can day trip from ...
Nagano prefecture

“Kita shiga Kogen” Day trip to Summer resort from Tokyo

  July is about to end in one week, and the hottest month in Japan August is coming. We are going to update some information of summer resort tha...
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