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Ellie Mok

Frano Hokkaido

Lykke Photo Style Sapporo

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Hokkaido (Furano、Biei)
Studio Lykke Photo Style Sapporo
Genre Portrait
Shooting date 11th June 2019
The service and arrangement is good. The photographer and make up artist are sincere and nice. The photographer is professional. I like the arrangement very much. And thank you for Teppei’s service. I will recommand to my friends.

Shirogane Blue Pond (青い池), Flower Land Kami Furano

Mr. and Mrs. Chan

Wedding anniversary

Kyoto Bridal Photo Works

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Bridal Photo Works
Genre Wedding anniversary
Shooting date 17th May 2019
The crew is very nice and professional. We enjoyed the photoshoot very much. The after sale service was excellent. Thanks Nagata San for the great arrangement!

Gion, Botanical Garden, Yasaka area

Mr. and Mrs. Ip

Sapporo Hokkaido

M and M Company

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Hokkaido
Studio M and M Company
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 27th April 2019
We enjoyed the service, the crew and contact person, Mr Nagata have been very professional and helpful.
Thank you so much and good luck!
Please do NOT use our “big heads” (identifiable) photos for promotion. Thank you for your understanding.

Sebastian , Kammy

Pre wedding in Fukuoka Japan

Dream Dome

From U.K United Kingdom , Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka
Studio Dream Dome
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 22th April 2019
1. Initial meeting was good and easy, not pushy sales approach, that’s why we chose Ema Mino over some local HK companies for this.
2. The shooting day in Fukuoka was perfect, the staff were eaasy going and nice and everything went very well. What a great day!
3. The photos taken by the photographer (Mr Kentoro Yoshidome) are fantastic and he was very professional in organising the scenes and shots and poses. The translator, Chiho, was very nice, too.
4. The photo album is good quality.
Could be better:
1. the communication leading up to the shooting day – you guys would be very quick to follow up and send reminder emails if you needed some information from us, but sometimes if we were waiting on you for some details (e.g. about what time and where to meet the crew in Fukuoka etc) we had to wait a long time with no update and we were worried at one point you had forgotten and we would not receive this information.

Dicky Cheng , Jessica Hung

Best season of maple leaf

Zerography Kyoto

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Zerography Kyoto
Genre Pre Wedding
Shooting date 3rd December 2018
We are very satisfied with this photo shooting experience. We appreciated the hard work by Ema Mino and Zerography Kyoto.
All the staff are nice and willing to help throughout the whole process. We enjoyed every moment of the shooting. The photographer could make use of the scenary and make our photos spectacular. We are also amazed by the beautiful photo album.
We will definitely recommend this service to our friends and relatives.

Botanical Garden, Shrine

Henry Kwan , Creamy Lai

Traditional landscape in Kyoto

Kyoto Kojitsu

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Kojitsu
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 10th December 2018
The photogrpahy crew were very professional, helpful and very nice. Thanks to them everything was very smooth.
There have a little rain at the morning, but it stopped when we go outside. The sunshine was good also. It was actually a bit cold but we had enough preparation.
Many thanks for your hard work and we finally chould receive the album on time.The album is very nice and beautiful. Days later, it made our big day more brilliant. Please feel free to use our photos to share, it is our pleasure.
Thank you very much again!!

Gion, Higashiyama, Botanical Garden

Danny Fung , Stephanie Pang

Nail art for red leaves

Zerography Okayama

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Okayama (Okayama Korakuen)
Studio Zerography Okayama
Genre Pre Wedding
Shooting date 27th November 2018
Original comment in Chinese
We always had thought that we definitely need IROUCHIKAKE for our pre wedding photo shooting.
Thanks to Ema Mino for making my dream come true! I would like to thank NAGATA san too for his patient consultant and suggestion of the nice place for maple leaf scenery. Everytime I asked questions NAGATA san gave me detailed answered, and it had made me worry nothing.
In addition, Japanese photography crew was also very professional even though they only speak simple English. We are totally happy with the good atomosphere and all process that they provided on shooting.
At last the photo album is very beautiful, we love it so much!

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