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Peter Ho , Cynthia Chan

Both groon and bride are smiling

Kyoto Kojitsu

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Kojitsu
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 3rd August 2018
Original comment in Chinese
We were planning to have pre wedding photo shooting in Japan, and found Ema Mino on internet one month advance before we left. Their website show many sample photos taken in Japan. After the meeting with them we clearly understood the details of the service and price. Thank you very much for support and arrangement for our pre wedding in Japan, also appreciate to continuous contact on email and whatsapp to let us know the day of our fitting and shooting.
We would like to thank to Kyoto kojitsu photography crew too for their service. The photographer Mr. Hiroaki Kakiuchi, assistant and make up artist had worked hard to take our photo nicely even in 39 degree temperature. The photographer even came into the river to take photos with good angles. Whole shooting procedure was quite smooth.

Shirakawa, Botanical Garden

Kenneth Lee, Crystal Chow

Lake side of BIWAKO

Shiga Bridal Photo Works

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Shiga
Studio Shiga Bridal Photo Works
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 9th July 2018
We found Ema Mino online and on a whim we sent in the enquiry form asking for more information. Teppei San replied shortly and invited us to visit their office for a detailed discussion. We came out from the meeting with a consensual “this is it!”.
Prior to finding out about Ema Mino and meeting Teppei San, we deliberated for a long time on which photographer to go for and where should the shooting take place for our pre-wedding. We had looked at numerous local photographers and destination packages but none of that felt more right than when we looked at what Teppei San had to offer. Japan has been our favorite place to go to and is a special place for both of us. We picked Shiga (out of the many options) for the simple fact that we have never been there and the shooting locations looked amazing – it did NOT disappoint!
The whole process was absolutely seamless and the shop offered the most stunning Kimonos and Hakamas. The several locations we went to were all so quaint and quiet that we were able to have a great time enjoying the experience (rather than having to pose among crowds of people). The crew was also tremendously helpful and delightful, going out of their way to make us feel comfortable, well fed and well pampered on the long day of shooting. It was truly one of the most memorable days for us and honestly, out of all the decisions we’ve made for our wedding thus far, this was the best one yet 🙂 the photos also came very much on time, and Teppei San is always helpful and super responsive. We have just gotten the final printed album and canvas – quality of both are just top notch.
We’ll be sure to continue recommending Ema Mino to all our friends who’d like to make pre-wedding memories in Japan. We could not be more grateful ourselves 🙂

Lake Biwa Chapel, Keiunkan Japanese Garden, Hikone town

Sam Lam , Deby Ho

Flower garden in Fukuoka

Photography FEEL

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka
Studio Photography FEEL
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 12th April 2018
We would like to express our gratitude to Nagata san of Ema Mino, Kentaro san, Chiho san and Aya san of Photography Feel team. Thanks for the intimate service and assistance during our prewedding photo taking.
We enjoyed the photo shooting and the quality of the photos is very good. We were surprised for the efficiency because the photos were all sent to us within only a week after the photo shooting day. Thank you for always offering us much time to choose the photos, decide the layout of the album, and even wait for us to meet you in office.
Once again, we have to say a big “thank you” to Nagata san and Kentaro san especially for the help in arranging the flowers for the surprise, which was not actually their scope of services. We will definitely recommend you to our friends in future. Thank you very much.

Umino Nakamichi Park, Yusentei Japanese Garden

Thank you very much for choosing us.
We were so happy when we knew you like our recommendation “海ノ中道” very much. Flower condition looked quite good, and it’s exactly what you wanted for sure. Hope you will have fantastic big day soon. Be happy always 🙂 Thank you so much again!!

Anton Wong , Vicky Yu

Gion Kyoto

Bridal Photo Works

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Bridal Photo Works
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 5th April 2018
We appreciate Nagata San’s helpfulness throughout the whole process, especially for the high efficiency in album layouting and album printing. The product is satisfactory. Besides, we enjoyed the photo shooting in Kyoto as the crews were nice. However, it is suggested to give the feedback to the Japan crews to increase the photo resolution and image size, some of the HK couples may use the pre wedding photo as the character printing or as the second backdrop, a file with 2.x mb may not fit them. Finally, thank you for the nice prewedding photo shooting experience in Kyoto again.

Higashiyama, Kamogawa, Heianjingu-mae

Law , Hebe Wong

Fully cherry blossom

Karuizawa Photography Team

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Nagano (Iiyama city 飯山市)
Studio Karuizawa Photography Team
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 19th April 2018
At first we searched traditional kimono pre-wedding photos on internet, and finally found Ema Mino. The price of the package has listed clearly on website, I think this is one of the point that we chose them.
Before our photo shooting, Nagata san was really helpful to give suggestions, and communicates with the shooting crew, so we can exactly get what we want! During our shooting, the crew was very nice, take care of our breakfast and prepared everything so we need to worry nothing.
The shooting went very smooth and we received our photos within a month, very efficient! Thanks to Nagata san, Daniel (photographer) and stylist, we had a great time in Nagano!

Nature of Iiyama city Nagano

Joe Lam , Anita

Winter in Karuizawa Japan

Karuizawa Photography Team

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Nagano (Karuizawa city 軽井澤市)
Studio Karuizawa Photography Team
Genre Anniversary
Shooting date 23rd February 2018
We just back to Hong Kong! Thanks you so much for you and your crew for your arrangement! It is Fantastic! You and the crew are really Professional and perfect! We are very eager to see the photos. We enjoyed our travel so much, Ski and food are perfect!

Delta Leung , Emily Cheng

Nokonoshima Fukuoka


From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka (Nokonoshima 能古島)
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 9th April 2018
Thanks for making our pre-wedding smooth running. We are deeply grateful for knowing you; you have saved us multiple times and thank you for keeping your warm hand reachable after our pre-wedding. The Japanese team is also amazing and dedicated! Thank you for capturing the precious moment of us.
It’s our blessing to have you in our life.

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