Anton Wong , Vicky Yu

Gion Kyoto

Bridal Photo Works

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Bridal Photo Works
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 5th April 2018
We appreciate Nagata San’s helpfulness throughout the whole process, especially for the high efficiency in album layouting and album printing. The product is satisfactory. Besides, we enjoyed the photo shooting in Kyoto as the crews were nice. However, it is suggested to give the feedback to the Japan crews to increase the photo resolution and image size, some of the HK couples may use the pre wedding photo as the character printing or as the second backdrop, a file with 2.x mb may not fit them. Finally, thank you for the nice prewedding photo shooting experience in Kyoto again.

Higashiyama, Kamogawa, Heianjingu-mae

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