KT Ching , Shermie Chan

KT and Shermie

Kyoto Bridal Photo Works

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Bridal Photo Works
Genre Anniversary
Shooting date 30th November 2017
Hi Mr. Nagata san, the photo shooting was done. It’s a special experience for us, particularly the ceremony. We had a great time. And lucky enough, it didn’t rain and even had a bit of sunshine in the middle of our shooting which was great. Thanks for your arrangement. And the crew was great too and the album is excellent!
By the way, We are interested in the 753 (七五三) festival during which kids at the relevant age will dress in the traditional costume and go to shrines. If we are really going for the next trip, we may contact you again for further info.
Thanks for your arrangement. And the crew was great too.
I’ll surely recommend your company to my friends.

Imamiya Shirne, Gion

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