Law , Hebe Wong

Fully cherry blossom

Karuizawa Photography Team

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Nagano (Iiyama city 飯山市)
Studio Karuizawa Photography Team
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 19th April 2018
At first we searched traditional kimono pre-wedding photos on internet, and finally found Ema Mino. The price of the package has listed clearly on website, I think this is one of the point that we chose them.
Before our photo shooting, Nagata san was really helpful to give suggestions, and communicates with the shooting crew, so we can exactly get what we want! During our shooting, the crew was very nice, take care of our breakfast and prepared everything so we need to worry nothing.
The shooting went very smooth and we received our photos within a month, very efficient! Thanks to Nagata san, Daniel (photographer) and stylist, we had a great time in Nagano!

Nature of Iiyama city Nagano

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