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Kyoto Kojitsu

From Macau Macau
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Kojitsu
Genre Pre Wedding Photo
Shooting date 5th April 2018
Original comment in Chinese
We had planned to have pre wedding photo shooting in Japan and been searching Japanese photography companies. And luckily, we found Ema Mino online. We basically communicated through email, and got replies very quickly every time.
We think that other companies normally ask us for immediate deposit payment to start consultation. I kind of dislike this process, although you may not think so. At the first time we visited Ema Mino to have meeting I was still concerning about deposit payment. However you recommend us some shooting locations and gave us time to consider first. It’s very grateful.
On our shooting day, we are very satisfied. The photographer was very friendly and professional. Thanks to them, we understand Japanese culture more now. Everything was so beautiful there. Also, the photo album is made with good quality and it’s very authentic. We are really satisfied! Thank you Ema Mino!
As I had been sick after we came back, we had no time to pick up the album. And around one year later, finally we got the album. We are sorry about that.
We are totally satisfied.

Gion, Kamogawa

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