Ignatius Yoannes Baptista , Gemita Ria The

Beautiful cherry blossom

Kyoto Kojitsu

From Indonesia flag of Indonesia
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Kojitsu
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 3rd April 2017
From Gemita: Their service is excellent. We received a lot of help from Nagata-san, not only related to the photoshoot preparation but also for our trip to Kyoto. We really love the album, it is so beautiful. Definitely recommended if you want to experience photoshoot in Japan!
From Ignatius: Nagata san had been very helpful even before our first meeting. He explained everything in great detail about all the packages, photography teams, and locations. During the meeting we had a very pleasant time to pick our outfit, photo locations, and schedule. Upon leaving Ema Mino’s office, we felt very confident that everything will be perfect.
From start to finish, communication is never a problem for us as Nagata san always replies to our emails very-very quickly. Everything is so precise and efficient. He is also very kind to help us on our Kyoto trip. Even though it was our 3rd visit to Kyoto, thanks to Nagata san, we tried many new things.
On the photoshoot day, our experience with Kyoto Kojitsu team was also extraordinary. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We love the kimonos, the makeup & hairdo for Gemita, and the locations. The team also suggested some great photo spots for us.
We love all the photos, they are very traditional, subtle, and natural. The final album that we received is remarkably wonderful. The photos are arranged and grouped together based on theme and color. We are also very happy that Nagata san gave us a special album design.

You had been to Kyoto before we had a first meeting, and we knew you loved Kyoto and wanted to experience traditional style pre wedding. Since you made your decision early in last September you could choose the most packed date 3rd April. Thanks to god the weather was so nice on that day and perfect for photo shooting.
Supporting foreign couples pre wedding and seeing them wearing kimono are happier than anything for us. This is what we are working in abroad for. Hope more and more Indonesian couples go to Japan for pre wedding from now on.
Thank you so much again for choosing us. When both you are in Hong Kong please feel free to drop by our office.
See you again, Terima kasih.

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