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We just started to work in a collaboration with “Lykke Photo Style” of Hokkaido.
Be a first one to choose their package and experience their authentic hospitality with vast natural landscape in Hokkaido!!

Ema Mino’s Review

Lykke photo Style is a couple consisted by a photographer who is familiar with vast Hokkaido and a make-up artist who has experience to work abroad such as New York. Basically outfits (wedding dress, tuxedo and Kimono) are not included in the packages. However as they will dress you up at guest room of your accommodation and send you back after photo shooting so you will never need to go to shooting points or salon by yourself with your outfits. They can serve at not only popular location like Biei and Furano but also Obihiro, Tokachi and so on. Capture happy moments in Hokkaido!

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