Clifford Chan , Ludmilla Leung

Five Sense Chapel

Eines Villa di Nozze

From Canada (Edmonton) Canada
Location Okinawa
Genre Wedding Ceremony
Shooting date 18th October 2018
We had a very beautiful wedding at Eines Villa di Nozze Okinawa.
The moment we arrived at the hotel for the wedding preparation, we were greeted by very friendly staff. The hotel was modern, bright, and beautiful. The villa that we prepared our attire and makeup was also beautiful. We didn’t feel rushed and had time to enjoy the beach front view.
The hair/makeup artist was truly professional and amazing. I had a very tired night before and she still made me looked flawless! Everyone was very helpful and accomodating in arranging the ceremony for us. The Chapel was much more stunning than I expected. Although our wedding was small, we felt much happiness in the Chapel because all the staff were so friendly and joyful. The pastor was also very friendly and easy to work with. The photographer was very professional in capturing the best moments with the best backdrops. We were lucky to have the sun set captured in our memories.
Thank you Nagata san for arranging every detail for us over emails/text messages and helping us create the wedding we dreamt of.

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