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Martin Chung , Rainbow Hui

Couple wears Kimono at Japanese garden

Photography FEEL

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka
Studio Photography FEEL
Genre Pre Wedding
Shooting date 12th January 2017

Original comment in Chinese
After we started to plan pre-wedding in Fukuoka we luckily found Ema Mino and work with them for 3 months until we fixed everything. They did not only providing intimate service but also planning schedule and offered some special elements for our photo shooting like a tailor-made with uniqueness. In addition, the interpreter who can speak “Cantonese” made us feel close even at foreign country with no communication barrier.
“Service attitude” and “work enthusiasm” that we do not see on the photo are as very important as the price, shooting locations and finishing of products. Thank you Ema Mino for giving us this wonderful memory and experience. We had fun so much and enjoyed our pre-wedding without concerning anything in whole schedule. From now on, our album and photos will make us feel happy and remember our pre-wedding journey.
Thanks a lot, Ema Mino.


Martin san & Rainbow san, thank you very much for your comment.
We know that you wrote many things good about us on ESD life blog page too. And also, a month after shooting you came to our booth just to support us. We appreciate your kindness and it must be helpful for other couple’s references.
We hope you had great shooting with 3 different scenery and this day is going to be unforgettable with our beautiful album.
Thank you so much again. See you.

Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka

Sunset of ferry pier at Tsim Sha Tsui

Ema Mino Photography Hong Kong

From Japan Japanese nationality
Location Hong Kong
Studio Ema Mino Photography Hong Kong
Genre Wedding Photo
Shooting date 24th September 2016
[Original comment in Japanese] 永田さん、撮影当日は1日ありがとうございました。無事に終わりほっとしました。皆様にも盛り上げていただけてとても嬉しかったです。荷物も重いのに持ってくださりありがとうございました。夜の部は、艶っぽく撮っていただけましたし、ドレスの色も綺麗でした。主人も喜んでおりました。写真も楽しく選ばせていただきました。
Nagata san, thank you so much for treating us on shooting day. We feel relieved after photo shooting eventually finished without any problem. We appreciate that all staffs had heaped up atmosphere while shooting and you had kept on holding our heavy stuffs. On shooting at night time, photographer took shoot very well and made me captivating. And also the dress color was also so beautiful. We had enjoyed shooting and selecting photo for album too.
As you had been so careful on small parts of our photo album such as page layout, we are so satisfied with great finishing. My mother said both of us looked pretty nice and just like you came out from a magazine. It was a good choice to select your company because we got a good memory. Please give our best regards to Winnie san, Rax san and all other staffs too.
Let’s find a chance to have dinner together before we go back to Japan.


Joey Wong , Kimmy Tam

couple wear Japanese mask

atelier Casha

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio atelier Casha
Genre Pre Wedding Photo
Shooting date 24th November 2016
Original comment in Chinese
Thank you so much. You guys had continued to provide and suggest us different pre wedding package and we had a lots of choices. And also thanks to information of transportation and weather and so on that you gave us, we could get Japanese photo salon quite easily. “Shozan resort garden” was beautiful but when we arrive at Kyoto we didn’t face much maple leaves. At Arashiyama leaves are only 20-30%, but photographer’s skill and photo angle made our landscape much richer. “Shozan resort garden” was really nice.
All soft copies were sent to us within one month, and photo album was finished faster that we had expected and very beautiful. Thank you so much TED san, Nagata san and all staffs too. Hope business goes well and help more of new couples.

The clear specific idea and quick decision offer perfect weather and other condition for shooting sometime. We think this happened to you this time. We are sorry to know maple leaves condition is not good as your expectation, you got a bit longer shooting time. And your own outfits looked nice in Shozan resort garden.
We know you had been to lots of places in Japan and enjoyed foods, shopping and so on. Hope you will be back to our beautiful country soon and drop by our office to share what you did there.
Stay happy always. See you again!!

Anthony Lee , Heidi So

Couple wears Kimono at Japanese garden

Photography FEEL

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka
Studio Photography FEEL
Genre Pre Wedding
Shooting date 19th January 2017
Very helpful, well coordination for Hong Kong and Japan side. We were very satisfied with our pre-wedding photos. Good Service & High Quality & Reasonable Price.

We hope you enjoyed pre wedding in both western style and Japanese style. You are actually one of the couples that look the best in Kimono. The time you wear Kimono in traditional Japanese garden is going to your memorial experience for sure. And also thank you so much for letting us to share your photos for other couples. Congratulations!!

Anson Yeung , Celia Cho

10 years anniversary and daughter's 1 years birthday


From Hong Kong hong-kong
Location Okinawa
Genre Anniversary / Family photo / Birthday
Shooting date 30th December 2016
Very helpful! Not only about the photo shoot, but also our whole trip in Japan!
Thanks everyone on the team! Even planned for our little Sophie’s birthday dinner and gifts! It was a pleasure working with you guys! Hope to see you soon and will definitely recommend to my friends and family!

Thank you so much for your comment.
It was great for us to support for celebration of your anniversary event and your angel’s birthday. We are very proud of being chosen by your sweet family for such memorial travel and so glad to see your photo that we took on your facebook page. Hope to see you soon again in the close future and looking forward to welcoming your friends and family.
Thank you so much again. Keep in touch.

Gordon Liu , Peggy Tang

Silent moment surrounded by tree

Kyoto Kojitsu

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Kyoto Kojitsu
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 18th November 2016
Thank you very much. On the comment form we are satisfied and really have no further to add.

Gordon san , Peggy san

Thank you so much for your review and allowing us to use your photos. We so much appreciate.

This time you unfortunately couldn’t have much time to enjoy staying in Japan. You only had stayed for two nights there, but thanks to god, the weather of shooting day looked amazing. Hope you had good time in pre wedding and you will have an opportunity soon to visit to Japan and spend more time to enjoy foods, sightseeing, shopping and so on.

We are pleased to support for your travel to Japan if you want. That’s also what we are here for. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again for anything for traveling even small things such as booking restaurant. I believe our Japanese are not bad 🙂

Thank you so much again for choosing us. Hope to see you again.
Take care and stay healthy always.

Terence Chung , Tanya Cheng

Okinawa resort beach


From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Okinawa
Genre Legal wedding registry / Ceremony / Banquet
Shooting date 17th November 2016
Well coordination/communication skills with Japan side.
Good services(tailored made)which provided by Ema-mino and Kafuu Wedding. Can create a wedding plan for couples to show what to do during a specific time frame.
Preparation schedule flow
Tea Ceremony
Photo shooting at beach
Legal wedding
Ceremony at chapel

Terence san & Tanya san
Congratulations again!!
We were also happy to be with you and your family in your memorial event in Okinawa. It was first time to arrange original dishes menu for customer so we were a bit nervous actually. But thanks to KAFUU’s great chef and staffs, we eventually got review that you had enjoyed all dishes very much.
In addition, we would like to thank you for showing your short movie that we made in Okinawa. We believe all your families, relatives and friends can see how great you had felt with us in Okinawa. And we appreciate for permission for using your photo.
Hope the time you had spent with us will be so special yet unforgettable in your entire life.
Thank you so much!!

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