Jason Tse , Venus Ng

SAKURA of Fukuoka

Photography FEEL

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka
Studio Photography FEEL
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 3rd April 2018
We needed the firework for evening shooting as our priority, Thanks for communication with the crew and good arrangement.
At the beginning, we have concerned about the sakura condition, saw the sad news that the weather is getting warmer in Japan. It may have chance that we cannot meet the sakura blossom. That was sad but if it is the case, we decided to change the location from 舞鶴公園 to 海の中道海浜公園.
Luckily, the crew kept on updating sakura condition and recemmended us not to change location. So We finally sticked to 舞鶴公園. It was the first time we see Sakura. So, we knew nothing about the condition. their info about the Sakura definitely made us feel better.
Always thankful for their assistance.

Maizuru Park, Nokonoshima Island, Seaside

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