Martin Chung , Rainbow Hui

Couple wears Kimono at Japanese garden

Photography FEEL

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka
Studio Photography FEEL
Genre Pre Wedding
Shooting date 12th January 2017

Original comment in Chinese
After we started to plan pre-wedding in Fukuoka we luckily found Ema Mino and work with them for 3 months until we fixed everything. They did not only providing intimate service but also planning schedule and offered some special elements for our photo shooting like a tailor-made with uniqueness. In addition, the interpreter who can speak “Cantonese” made us feel close even at foreign country with no communication barrier.
“Service attitude” and “work enthusiasm” that we do not see on the photo are as very important as the price, shooting locations and finishing of products. Thank you Ema Mino for giving us this wonderful memory and experience. We had fun so much and enjoyed our pre-wedding without concerning anything in whole schedule. From now on, our album and photos will make us feel happy and remember our pre-wedding journey.
Thanks a lot, Ema Mino.


Martin san & Rainbow san, thank you very much for your comment.
We know that you wrote many things good about us on ESD life blog page too. And also, a month after shooting you came to our booth just to support us. We appreciate your kindness and it must be helpful for other couple’s references.
We hope you had great shooting with 3 different scenery and this day is going to be unforgettable with our beautiful album.
Thank you so much again. See you.

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