Sam Lam , Deby Ho

Flower garden in Fukuoka

Photography FEEL

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka
Studio Photography FEEL
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 12th April 2018
We would like to express our gratitude to Nagata san of Ema Mino, Kentaro san, Chiho san and Aya san of Photography Feel team. Thanks for the intimate service and assistance during our prewedding photo taking.
We enjoyed the photo shooting and the quality of the photos is very good. We were surprised for the efficiency because the photos were all sent to us within only a week after the photo shooting day. Thank you for always offering us much time to choose the photos, decide the layout of the album, and even wait for us to meet you in office.
Once again, we have to say a big “thank you” to Nagata san and Kentaro san especially for the help in arranging the flowers for the surprise, which was not actually their scope of services. We will definitely recommend you to our friends in future. Thank you very much.

Umino Nakamichi Park, Yusentei Japanese Garden

Thank you very much for choosing us.
We were so happy when we knew you like our recommendation “海ノ中道” very much. Flower condition looked quite good, and it’s exactly what you wanted for sure. Hope you will have fantastic big day soon. Be happy always 🙂 Thank you so much again!!

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