Ken , Jessica Chiu

Flower garden


From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Fukuoka (Nokonoshima 能古島)
Genre Post wedding , Anniversary
Shooting date 5th April 2018
We visited Hong Kong wedding expo held on last November, and found Ema Mino, agency of Japanese photographers. They were working with two teams at booth at that time, one is from Oita and another is from Fukuoka. The crew “SAKI WEDDING” has salon at Nokonoshima Island (能古島) and offers photo shooting package with dresses and KIMONO. We didn’t take long time to decide to choose their package for our anniversary photo.
The offer was pretty attractive for us, included 2 outfits, 3-5 minutes edited short video, ferry fare from the city and everything else. We are afraid of not seeing Sakura as it came so early in this year, but luckily could see lots kinds of flowers there. There were not many tourists around us, so shooting and all procedures went very smooth. We would like to have a chance to work with them again in the close future and recommend them to our friends.
Thank you Teppei, Mrs and Ms Uchiyama and all crews related to shooting!
We had fun so much!!

Nokonoshima Island Park

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