Chan Chin Nang , Chau Ka Man

Beach of Okinawa


From Hong Kong hong-kong
Location Okinawa
Genre Pre wedding
Shooting date 5th December 2017
Original comment in Chinese
Really thanks to Ema Mino’s arrangement, we finally found a photography crew with our satisfied. Ema Mino’s Nagata san and Japanese pre wedding company’s Sayuri san had arranged everything very well, so we did never need to worry about outfits, fitting, photo shooting and so on.
As Sayuri san is a designer of wedding gown, she knew which kind of dress suits me most. Make up artist Sakuma san was willing to get my idea and opinion, and often came over to me to care of loosing hairstyle and lip color. The photographer worked so hard and we were very satisfied with his skills like creation and angle.
They are definitely very careful. Though weather of December was very cold, they dress blanket on me between each shooting. Very kind.
After back to Hong kong, we appreciate Nagata san’s attitude on his duty for making photo album. Every time he gave us responses very quickly. The quality, printing, color and finishing of album is as great as the sample that we saw in the meeting.
We are totally satisfied with the arrangement of both pre wedding company and Ema Mino.

Beach, Manzamo, Former Zakimi castle, Zampa cape

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