Ray Lai , Alice Wong

Sakura in Kyoto botanical garden

Zerography Kyoto

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Kyoto
Studio Zerography
Genre Pre Wedding
Shooting date 3rd April 2017

Original comment in Chinese
Today we received our photo album, it’s so much beautiful and we are very happy with it. It only took 2 weeks since we confirmed the page layouts until we received.
TED and NAGATA are very nice. They followed up everything very well. Customers will never need to ask them many things, they always inform you everything that you want to know and remind you things too. Their price is really clear, same as shown on website. They are a trustable company and it’s so very important. Actually they supported not only for pre wedding shooting but also for our whole trip to Japan when we face some problem and requirements. Super impressed!!!
The photographer and assistant of Japanese Zerography were also very nice. We brought our own camera and the photographer took photos of us with our camera too. The Assistant was very nice too, helped us to keep our heavy camera with her. Photo shooting part was only a few hours, but we are very happy and feel so comfortable. Of course photos are very natural and so beautiful.
Thank you Ema Mino!!

Thank you so much for your review.
It seems you enjoyed your trip to Kyoto so much beside one regret (making Japanese confectionery). Since sakura season is one of the busiest period in Japan, sometime it is difficult to book something. Hope you experience traditional confectionery next time you are in Kyoto again and let us help you again to make reservation.
And incredibly you are planning to go to Japan in sakura season again for your honeymoon and give us order for photo shooting again too!! We are very happy to know it and pleased to support for your special day again.
We are making layouts of your 2nd album, will get back to you shortly.
Thank you so much again for your continuous support.

Mr. and Mrs. Liu

Last shoot with photography crew members

Zerography Kyoto

From China China
Location Kyoto
Studio Zerography
Genre Pre Wedding Photo
Shooting date 4th October 2016
Comment Original comment in Chinese

My boyfriend and I like Japanese culture so much. We had been planning to travel to Japan for our pre marriage trip during Chinese National Foundation period in 2016. As we are getting married at the end of this year, we decided to take pre wedding in Japanese traditional style. We had searched many Local photography and took information of them such as outfits, prices, and services. But none of them make us feel satisfied. Most of store are same unfortunately, outfits are not authentic and prices are quite high.
As it happened, an wedding photography company in Hong Kong “Ema Mino” ( on internet. The website of this company attracted me and photos on there are really beautiful. Their outfits are quite authentic and used for Japanese formal traditional wedding. The owner Mr. Nagata is Japanese, helped us to find a suitable photography crew for us and our requirements, and made us really happy.
Eventually we chose “Zerography” in Kyoto, whose staffs speak English. So we had communicated easily. The scenery of Kyoto is nice and package price is more reasonable than package of Tokyo. TED, a staff of Ema Mino paid much attention to make our schedule, check the weather of period we are in Kyoto, give us information of transportation, fare and also hotels around Zerography’s salon. So careful! We got outfit pictures in advance so I selected two that I like (1 Uchikake and 1 Shiromuku). Style of man’s outfits is fixed so I didn’t show it here. These following kimono are my choices. It’s so beautiful isn’t it?
two kimono which customer selected
We are free on this 8 days trip, stayed in Kyoto for one night on 4 Oct for our shooting and had spent our time in Kyoto in rest of days. Time passed fast till shooting day, we are so excited. During trip we faced typhoon but TED suggested us to change our original date 5th to 4th. The weather is nice on 5th luckily and very suitable for photo shooting. One day before 3rd and one day later 5th has heavy rain, only 4th is sunny day. TED is really smart.
Zerography is located 10 minutes walking distance away from our hotel. Photographer was really polite and waiting for us in front of door. We tried our outfits first without any matters, and afterwards a cute yet gentle Japanese female stylist served me carefully and do hair make that I like. After make-up they dressed us up with Kimono, but the process wearing Kimono is more complicated that we expected. There are lots of belts OBI to wear, I’m not sure if the skinny ladies can be patient. When I finished to wear all I felt kind of suffocation and like I got a few pounds weight! But it is really beautiful. That’s what I feel with Kimono. Haha~
beautiful scenery in Kyoto
We had been feeling very happy while photo shooting. Photographer Kenji san is humorous and cute man, talked to us with abundant body language and also used mobile to translate what he want to say in Chinese. So we didn’t worry about language barrier. The assistant staffs also really active, always stayed around and helped us for translation. Trying to talk to them in my poor Japanese was very interesting. Kenji san jokes well to make us smile and captured our happy moments.
Make up stylist is also very careful, prepared much drinks, put straw and had asked if we are thirsty and wanted to drink every time they finished shooting at each location. As I’m made up on face so she got straw close to my mouth. Photographer and assistants also work so hard to keep good angles, lying on the ground, standing with their knee and so on. They served us seriously and pictures they captured are very beautiful. We are so impressed.
Kyoto is filled with osmanthus fragrance in October and its beautiful scenery attracted me much. Many tourists believed that we are Japanese couples, took our photo and celebrated us. This photo shooting trip makes us really happy. Even though it’s hard this is valuable and it becomes very beautiful memory in our entire life. We missed staffs of Zerography when the shooting schedule is almost done. So we asked a male tourist who’s also a photographer from Thailand to take one photo of all of us. Every time when we see this photo, it probably make me remember this beautiful Kyoto trip.
They made my day so special
After we back to our country Ema Mino sent us nice photos and a really beautiful yet big album and it’s praised by my colleagues. Thanks to Ema Mino’s Mr. Nagata and TED and also to Zerpgraphy’s staffs for giving us great memories.
Hope many people like our album and services

We are so much happy to get your comment and know we support you well on our service. At the beginning you are supposed to take pre wedding in Kamakura. But after we got your idea we recommended to choose Kyoto as shooting location and eventually our package suited your idea and you chose Zerography Kyoto.

When we know typhoon would hit your shooting date we felt our responsibility, so constantly had contacted to Zerography staffs and tried to reschedule while checking weather forecast. Finally you took train from Tokyo early morning on the day for good weather. We appreciate your understanding and also Zerography’s arrangement for this unexpected situation. Photographer Kenji san reported us you were enjoying shooting very much and they were also happy to welcome a good couple.

We are pleased to support you again for another photo shooting at your next target Nara. And also if you need our help when you study Japanese, feel free to contact us. I believe I can speak Japanese well. 🙂

Thank you so much for choosing us.
Keep in touch until your next flight.

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