Terry Cheng , Jojo Lee

Memorial photo shooting

Zerography Okayama

From Hong Kong Hong Kong
Location Okayama (Kurashiki)
Studio Zerography Okayama
Genre Pre Wedding
Shooting date 18th June 2018
It is our pleasure to meet Nagata San at wedding expo! We planned to have pre-wedding photo shooting in Japan and we had some ideas of the shooting location. We were presented the promotion packages, details of shooting plans, procedures and so on.
As a bride-to-be, I of course preferred comparing with other vendors before making any decision. Later, we browsed Ema Mino website and found that there were lots of local studio based in different parts of Japan. However, none of the studio in Okayama where we would like to visit and have pre-wedding shooting. After expressing our thoughts and request through email and meeting, Ema Mino successfully contacted a local studio in Okayama which could provide the ideal package and helped us to arrange so that the photographer we admired could help us on the shooting date.
We had a wonderful photo shooting experience in Okayama, the makeup artists and photographer Kenji San were very friendly and professional. The photos are beautiful and the album was exquisite and of high quality which was out of our expectation. We really love it! Thank you Ema Mino! And big thank you to Nagata San for helping us a lot throughout the whole process from first approach, arranging for shooting, album editing and more!
Thank you very much again for communicating with us! And as I remember, you mentioned that you would like to ask for our consent to use our photos as promo. We definitely would like to! Please feel free to use our pictures! 🙂

Kurashiki city

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