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Okinawa 沖縄

Okinawa 沖縄

Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan and is comprised of hundreds of islands forming the Ryukyu chain stretching over 1,000 kilometres long.

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Kyoto 京都

Kyoto 京都

Kyoto is one of the oldest and most famous metropolises in the Orient. With temples, parks, bustling business districts and markets, to regal estates and quaint neighborhoods. See more studios >>>
Hokkaido -北海道

Hokkaido 北海道

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. Furano-city, located in Kamikawa Subprefecture, is famous amongst tourists for its lavender fields every year.

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Customer's voice

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Raymond Lam , Kiki Lam
It was a sunny day with beautiful blossom~! We got all photos 9 days after our shooting even the photographer said they needed at least 10 days. Highly appreciate your work!! We really love all photos!!!!! They look like very natural~ My package only include 200 photos ...Read more
Customer's voice image
Ben Ng , Almen Tang
You and your team are so nice and helpful. I wrote the thank you post on my Facebook and recommend your pre wedding or wedding service. Also will recommend your company via a various platforms, It is the only thing I can do. You are a very gentle person for our first ...Read more
Customer's voice image
Terry Cheng , Jojo Lee
It is our pleasure to meet Nagata San at wedding expo! We planned to have pre-wedding photo shooting in Japan and we had some ideas of the shooting location. We were presented the promotion packages, details of shooting plans, procedures and so on. As a bride-to-be, I o ...Read more
Customer's voice image
Peter Ho , Cynthia Chan
We were planning to have pre wedding photo shooting in Japan, and found Ema Mino on internet one month advance before we left. Their website show many sample photos taken in Japan. After the meeting with them we clearly understood the details of the service and price. T ...Read more
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Kenneth Lee, Crystal Chow
We found Ema Mino online and on a whim we sent in the enquiry form asking for more information. Teppei San replied shortly and invited us to visit their office for a detailed discussion. We came out from the meeting with a consensual "this is it!". Prior to finding ...Read more
Customer's voice image
Sam Lam , Deby Ho
We would like to express our gratitude to Nagata san of Ema Mino, Kentaro san, Chiho san and Aya san of Photography Feel team. Thanks for the intimate service and assistance during our prewedding photo taking. We enjoyed the photo shooting and the quality of the pho ...Read more
Customer's voice image
Anton Wong , Vicky Yu
We appreciate Nagata San's helpfulness throughout the whole process, especially for the high efficiency in album layouting and album printing. The product is satisfactory. Besides, we enjoyed the photo shooting in Kyoto as the crews were nice. However, it is suggested t ...Read more


We need to get an idea of your pre wedding, where and how you want us to take photos. Then we'll suggest a suitable package.
After we fix the shooting schedule and all the details of your photo shooting, we issue you with a final price.
If the quote suits your budget, we'll then go ahead to arrange photographer, MUA and everything else you need.
Enjoy Japanese pre wedding in beautiful outfits and professional make up. Our Photographers never miss your best smile.
Photo checking
We check all your pictures and let you choose some photos from amongst them for your photo album.
You get a beautiful album and all the photo data soft copies taken from your special day.

What can we do for you?

Easily manage all your bookings Easily manage all your bookings
You can see lots of packages with different Japanese photography in our website. Just feel free to let us know your idea of pre wedding. We will suggest the best one for you and book the photography crew, outfits and everything else that you need in Hong Kong in advance before the day of your shoot. So you will not need to contact them directly.
Unbiased reviews Unbiased reviews
You can see many reviews from real guests and judge which photographer is the best and most suitable for your own pre wedding.
Don't worry about a language barrier Don't worry about a language barrier
Our website is in English and Chinese, and you'll never need to contact Japan by yourself. Hong Kong local staff will support for all your preparation for shooing before you leave.
Just arrive at the Studio on the day of your shoot Just arrive at the Studio on the day of your shoot
We answer all your questions about your session and solve any problems or concerns you might have before you leave. Just go to their salon or studio without any concerning. We can give you any of other infomation that can be useful for your pre wedding travel.
100 shoots 100 shoots
We guarantee you at least 100 pictures in soft copies no matter which studio you decide on. And also you will get glass cover photo album as well. Make your pre wedding brilliant with our great service.
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